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Real-time royalty payments made easy.

  • Accept all types of cards, coins, fiat and digital payments
  • POS and transaction data power up your business
  • Real-time royalty payment solution
  • No coding skills required
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Your new royalties infrastructure

Supercharge your business powers with our royalties infrastructure. Payments split between parties to a contract in real-time, with information rich transactions.

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Pay for what you need.

A revolution for sales

Product producers and service providers get paid in real time. Because for you, cash flow waiting time matters

For SMEs  & Startups

Bring an end to messy finances because of unpaid bills and bankrupt customers. Power over who gets paid and when is shifted to fairness with real-time royalty payments instead of monthly billing.


Transaction loans make B2B loans fast and secure.  Factoring becomes cheaper, faster, automated and less risky. Insure Tech meets transactions.  We secure your bills with real time royalty payments

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Instant access to transaction information

By accessing product information and seeing much deeper data than is currently known. You will get to know the farmer who grew the coffee beans, and track the carbon footprint of the product. Transactions go directly to your accounting system with the VAT separated.

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Our modular solutions

Multi PSP Setup

Accept payments from any PSPs of choice and from multiple payment methods and expand globally.

Royalty Payments

Secure your bills with real time royalty payments

Auto Reconciliation

Multiple incoming payment flows will be reconciled into payout wallets based on smart contract, to ensure your contracts are paid without hassle or overhead cost.

Balance Management

Product producers and service providers get paid in real time. Because for you, cash flow waiting time matters

Real-time Payments

Automatically trigger payouts in real-time, daily, weekly or monthly once funds are reconciled to wallets according to your contracts.

Automatic Invoicing has an invoice module that automatically generates the invoices for you and your royalty partnership accounting needs.

Enable small business owners

The farmer can offer the retailer to showcase his product at no inventory cost. Yet receiving instant payment through the royalty payment mechanism every time his product is bought. Removing the risk of not receiving payment from the local store, and minimizing inventory cost at the store

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